St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Norfolk

Project Details

Client: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Date: 2023

What We Did

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Norfolk, Virginia, is one of the oldest parishes in the country. Their building has existed on this property since before the Civil War, and there is even a canonball lodged in the exterior wall as a reminder!

St. Paul’s is a friendly, welcoming congregation that is committed to being a foundation of love and support for the downtown Norfolk community. 

They needed a site that would bring them into a modern era while preserving the history and tradition of the parish. We built a site that maintained the red, white, and blue color scheme they use, but we pulled the colors into a deeper shade for a more professional look.

The site is easy to navigate and showcases some of their beautiful buildings and grounds while highlighting the life of the people in this historic parish.