Website Design for Matt Nightingale

Project Details

Client: Matt Nightingale
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Date: 2019

What We Did

Matt Nightingale is a teacher, pastor, musician, and spiritual director. In addition to blogging and appearing on multiple podcasts, Matt co-pastors a church and works as a spiritual director with The Christian Closet, offering web-based counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction for LGBTQ Christians.

Matt needed a website that he could be proud of, so we created a modern site that provides all the functionality he needs to connect with readers, invite new clients to his support groups, and provide a place to grow his platform.

Doebank Designs is proud to partner with Matt and support the work he is doing!

“Will Lee and Doebank Designs went above and beyond in their efforts to really understand the work I do. They designed a website that beautifully encompasses my mission and what I have to offer to the world. They anticipated my needs even before I knew I had them, and they were responsive and available to dream and brainstorm about all the possibilities. I cannot recommend Doebank Designs highly enough.”

Matt Nightingale

Spiritual Director,