Website Design for RAWtools

Project Details

Client RAWtools, Inc.
Location Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date 2019

What We Did

RAWtools works to promote nonviolence by providing resources, training, and products that give people the tools to resolve conflict in healthy ways. At the heart of what RAWtools does is their program to turn guns into garden tools.

By redesigning their outdated site, we’ve given them an online place to tell not only their own story, but more importantly, the stories of those affected by gun violence in the United States. Each purchase from their newly designed shop provides resources to continue their mission of disarming hearts and forging peace.

The Payoff

The website we built for RAWtools provides them with greater speed and stability. As with all of our clients, we’ve also ensured that their online shop is secured, and that customers’ transactions function smoothly. RAWtools will now be able to help people share their stories and promote peace through nonviolence more effectively. Plus, they have a site they can be proud of.